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SAP Analytics Cloud: Top 5 Features in Q2 2020

Join Wendy McGrath, presenter, script-writer, producer, designer SAP HANA & Analytics Design, as she chats with Orla Cullen, solution manager SAP Augmented BI, Reena Sethy, director product management SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile, and Jeanne Bigonnet, planning product manager SAP HANA & Analytics.

Now more than ever, as we merge our work and home lives, we’re all learning the importance of collaborating in new, and innovative ways. Until my official filming equipment arrived at my home address, I collaborated with some of my weightiest political history books. They helped me get my camera at just the right eye level to record myself. Needs must!

My colleagues Orla Cullen, Reena Sethy and Jeanne Bigonnet also rose to the challenge, to join me on screen from their own unique setups in Dublin, France and Bangalore. Colin Scuffins, video director and editor, and John Julian, video design lead, also worked their magic, and together, we bring you a compilation of some new Q2 features in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Check out the video by the Video Journalism, SAP HANA & Analytics Design Team straightaway, or read through my sneak-peak summary below.

5. Schedule Publications
Getting the right level of information to the right audience at the right time, while also taking security into account is essential – no matter what business you’re in. With Schedule Publications you can easily personalize content, set up different views for different groups of recipients, and allow each group to receive the content relevant to them. You can configure prompts, and choose the pages in your story to share.

4. SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office 365
We couldn’t resist including this, even though it’s not exactly part of the SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 release. When it’s available soon in the Microsoft App Store, the SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office 365 will brighten the day of anyone working in finance. Work with Microsoft Excel directly within SAP Analytics Cloud!

3. Enhanced SAP BW Connectivity
Where would we be without hierarchies to help us manage data so it’s easy to consume? As an SAP BW customer, you can now use Custom Grouping to create your very own custom hierarchy against a live SAP BW connection. And because you can create the custom hierarchy against a dimension, this means it can be reused in other charts, stories, models – even in other BW queries. Want to choose the sort order in your chart or table that makes the most sense to you? Go for it, with new Custom Ordering.

2. Android Support for Mobile
You can now work with your localized SAP Analytics Cloud stories on Android phones and tablets. Connect to your underlying data sources with single sign-on, and benefit from the intuitive way that your stories are categorized.

1. Calendar: Full story workflow integration for Assignee and Reviewer
No more back and forth between your calendar and your story. Streamlining the Plan Submission and Approval process means that assignees and reviewers can now complete their tasks directly in a story.

To learn more, why not check out the video?
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