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Experience Both Planning and Business Intelligence for Free in the New SAP Analytics Cloud Trial

With organizations becoming increasingly complex, there’s never been a more important time to allow collaboration to thrive. That’s why we’re expanding the SAP Analytics Cloud trial to include access to both business intelligence and planning capabilities. With this 90-day trial, you can experience for yourself what SAP Analytics Cloud has to offer, from collaborative enterprise planning, business intelligence, and advanced data modeling capabilities.

For organizations looking to empower their teams through data and analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud for planning lets you start planning with efficiency and accuracy across all lines of business. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, you optimize operational success with a single source of truth for your whole organization. Let all departments in on the plan and consolidate financial strategy in a single unified platform.

If you’ve already experienced the SAP Analytics Cloud trial, you can join once more and try the latest SAP Analytics Cloud for planning capabilities, in addition to the trusted, market-leading SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence capabilities.

Experience both business intelligence and planning in SAP Analytics Cloud. Sign up for your free trial.

Why Try SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

“SAP Analytics Cloud for planning lets us see real-time connections, allowing us streamline our processes to focus on quality of the data and our customers’ needs. With this solution, we were able to tremendously reduce time delivering figures to our finance teams by 40-60%.”

Richard Masci, Head of Financial System Services and Compliance at Airbus Americas

With this one solution, SAP Analytics Cloud unifies business intelligence, planning, and augmented analytics capabilities to give organizations the insights they need to prepare for anything on the horizon. This comprehensive solution saves time and boosts organizational agility by closing the gap between collecting insights and decision-making. Eliminate the mystery behind any “what-if” scenario and see the impact of every decision through the value driver tree, where you can test and take your scenarios to the next level with robust planning features such as advanced formulas, allocations, and advanced calculations.

Smart decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum, which is why SAP Analytics Cloud was built with collaboration in mind. Planning just doesn’t have to be in the realm of finance, as financial planning can be linked to operational performance. Users can crowdsource plans and budgets across the entire organization, which boosts both engagement and accuracy. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, the organization can collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes across the lines of business.

As effective as people can be in the planning process, there’s always a risk of human bias or error. SAP Analytics Cloud supplements with machine learning and augmented analytics features to allow your organization to make decisions confidently. Gain deeper insights into the key drivers of your business KPIs and forecast your future performance with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning’s predictive forecasting features. Harnessing the power of automated machine learning and augmented analytics technology, SAP Analytics Cloud for planning’s variety of user-friendly smart features help you easily make meaningful and strategic business decisions instantly.

What’s Included in the Free Trial

By signing up for the trial, you’ll receive a single user license to access both SAP Analytics Cloud for planning and SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence. To get the most out of your 90-day trial, you’ll receive everything you need to quickly get started. Our in-depth onboarding guide for SAP Analytics Cloud for planning shows you everything from how to get started to using some of the most powerful features. To learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence, see the welcome guide to get up and running with the solution.

In addition to the guide, you’ll receive curated resources and learning materials sent to your business email throughout the 90-days of the trial to walk you through the setup process. To help you get started, we have a sample dataset available for download, so that you can start by building a model or try the many other features available in SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. With all these materials, you’ll be well on the path to creating an intelligent enterprise.  

The Power of Planning

The biggest challenge we have is providing analytics for our company in one place. SAP Analytics Cloud is providing one solution for the business to do reporting, analytics, dashboarding, and future predictive analytics – allowing us to be more agile in the cloud.”

Charles Reeves, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at Graphic Packaging International

Organizations work best when everybody is on the same page. Experience collaborative enterprise planning at its best. No more silos. No more endless reconciliation efforts. Leverage our end-to-end solution with powerful features to unite your organization with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning

Are you ready to get started? Begin your trial today.

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